Future Present … re-imagining the future

In November 2017, the Church Mission Society hosted their annual Conversations Day in Oxford on the theme of “Future Present.”  The idea was simple, to invite speakers to imagine a better world and then suggest how that might be made possible now.  Contributors such as Michael Northcott, Cathy Ross, Emma Major and others inspired the gathering with a whole load of imagination and some practical ideas of what we can do next.

The gathering went so well that CMS’s Jonny Baker and Cathy Ross decided the concepts should be put in print-form.  Collaborating with online arts label Proost, they set to work creating the Future Present zine which shared these talks in imaginative, visual and creative forms.

You may well have been involved in their Kickstarter funding campaign for the project and may have seen people sharing their excitement at receiving the book – its certainly created quite a storm.

Fresh Expressions own Michael Moynagh is one fo the contributors to the project.  He identifies dissatisfaction as a key element to inspiration innovation and creativity.

Here at Fresh Expressions we’re excited to share news of Future Present’s release.  This week the book will begin to be available to buy at proost.co.uk and also at the Greenbelt Festival this coming weekend where contributors will also host a seminar (Monday 27 Aug 9.30 at the Leaves venue.)

Future Present’s ethos seems similar to the origins of many Fresh Expressions and the concept of the Fresh Expressions journey.  Put simply, each contributor takes the following three steps…

This seems like a pretty good place for each of us to begin.

You can purchase Future Present from proost.co.uk (later this week) or by emailing info@proost.co.uk.

The book is also available to buy at the Greenbelt Festival bookshop this week.  

Contributors to the book include Jonny Baker, Michael Moynagh, Ian Adams, Max Harris, Steve Collins, Emma Major, Colin Heber-Percy, Anna Ruddick, Rachel Griffiths, Nicola Slee, John Drane, Michael Northcott, Cathy Ross.