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Fresh off the back of the successful Conversations Day Conference held at the Church Mission Society in November 2017, a new project called Future Present has been launched to share the dreams of tomorrow and to suggest ways they can become reality today.

The CMS day featured varied speakers such as Michael Northcott, Cathy Ross, Emma Major and Steve Collins.  It dreamed of realities not yet present but ones that could be imagined and in typical pioneering fashion suggested a few ways they might happen.  They suggest this in a typically striking and simple way.

Now Future Present is being realised as an imaginative and well-designed zine (magazine style) and the resource is being rocket fused by a Kickstarter campaign put together by arts label Proost and CMS.  The kickstarter campaign is a way for people to pre-order copies at cheaper prices so its an interesting and innovative way of releasing the resource.

You can find out more at their Kickstarter pages and see the short animation below to see what the resource will look like.

Why not check it out

Future Present Kickstarter Page

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwlGBm-zAhw[/embedyt]