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Lets get social

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You’ve probably heard of social media by now….?

You know, it’s either addictive, destructive, empowering, dislocating or creating community – depending on what you read on what day! Whichever is true, and it seems to me it be it could well be all of them, social media is a powerful and pervasive part of our lives now, and so – in Fresh Expressions style – it’s time that we engage meaningfully with our context and get social online.

We have three main social media channels in the world of FX. Two of them are pretty up-and-at-‘em already, but one is a brand new baby social media platform for us. What we need is more FX practitioners online and talking about what’s happening from your perspective. Our hope is that eventually FX HQ will be in your hands – we want to devolve a great big network of FX pioneers and do-ers who can build each other up and inspire each other through developing community online.

Not posting, tweeting, ‘liking’ and sharing yet? Then it’s you we’re talking to and you that we aim to convert (in an inclusive, contextually sensitive, totally on-FX-brand style, of course.)


With over 6000 people following our Facebook page, this is a great place for us to share news, views and updates. Head to our page, ‘follow’ and you will be (one of) the first to know everything big going on in the world of FX. We love it when people comment and get involved with sharing content too – it helps spread the word about FX and it links practitioners with others. A great place to tell a story, FX on Facebook is a place we’d love to see develop as a space for sharing the journey, encouraging and inspiring each other.


Another well used and busy social media platform for FX is twitter. It’s always a challenge to tell a story in 140 characters, but it can be done! However, twitter is also good for creating interest and directing people to a fuller story elsewhere. For example, if your FX has a fantastic new website, tweet a link. If you have an event coming up, publicise it via twitter but also ask other FX-ers to re-tweet to spread your news. Hashtags are also important on Twitter – use them wisely and your tweet will be linked with any other with the same hashtag and pop up on the same people’s feeds. #freshexpression is a popular hashtag around the world, and following that hashtag is a great way to see what’s going on globally.


A picture paints a thousand words, or so they say. Instagram is the social media platform that we’d really like to grow – but we need your help. It is a place for sharing pictures of events as they happen, for showing something that has inspired you, and for engaging visually with the (largely younger) audience that use Instagram. Posts using the ‘Stories’ feature allow short videos to be accessible to the network for 24 hours – why not try filming a ‘day-in-the-life-of’ your FX and get it out there to show people the behind the scenes view? We’d love to see more FX practitioners sharing their stories and telling their stories creatively and visually – so head over to Insta and help us fire this one up.

So, converted? Nothing replaces face-to-face relationship but social media is a wonderful way to connect with people far and wide, to hear ideas and be challenged. It builds up the network each time a story is shared or re-tweeted, and it builds community as new connections are made and online relationships develop. Do join us as we build up our social media for the next exciting stage of the FX journey.










[1] I’m sure I don’t need to check that you know this is ironic, dear reader…