New Update and new features coming for the Fresh Expressions App

Last November we were very excited to launch the Fresh Expressions Story App, a simple tool to help us communicate with each other and share stories with the movement.

Since then and several hundred downloads later we’re getting more of a sense of how to make the most of the App and how to make it better for users.  With all that in mind we’ve got some news to share.

New Update Available

Today a new update for the App on both Apple and Android platforms is available.  If you’ve already got the App head to your App store and select update.  This update fixes some bugs, makes uploading pictures easier and should make the whole App experience even smoother.

Commenting and Liking 

We’re also working hard to introduce some new features which will be available at Easter but we wanted to preview now.   Many of you have shared great little posts of encouragements and news from your own Fresh Expressions experiences.  Just today we saw a little post from someone who’d found faith in their Fresh Expression of Church which is amazing.  One of the things people have asked is the chance to interact with these stories and this will be in the new features we’ll be releasing.

You’ll be able to comment.  As you can see from the little screenshot below, we’ll be able to make simple comments of appreciation or thought.  We hope this will be a fun way to interact with each other.

You’ll be able to like, love or be heartbroken.  Three simple icons will be able to express some emotional responses.  tried and tested from our favourite forms of social media this will be a nice and easy way to express solidarity or react to what you read.

All these updates should come on stream around Easter time.  From there we’ll be working on updates to integrate posts with other social media, to share Videos and more.  Our aim is to regularly update the App the more you use it.

Making the Most of the App

During the last few months we’ve had a lot of questions about how to make the most of the App.  We wanted to share five tips which we’d love you to try out and we think will make a big difference

  1. Share it.  Many of our current registered users as leaders of Fresh Expressions or Churches.  If thats you we want to encourage you to share the App with your teams and see if you can get five people who work with you to sign up.  This App aims to democratise the movement and put the power and voice in the hands of people on the ground doing the stuff.  Would you help us with this?
  2. Write it.  Good content breeds good content.  Why not make the effort to regular share short updates from what you’re doing.  It’ll make all the difference.
  3. Picture it.  Shall a great photo of whats going on.  Its great to see people engaging with Fresh Expressions.
  4. Categorise it.  Add a category so people can connect what you’re sharing with a type of Fresh Expression and engage with what they’re involved in.
  5. Locate it.  Where are?  Putting a location in makes the post more engaging and connects with our experiences and contexts.

Download the Fresh Expressions Story App

If you’ve not yet got hold of the Fresh Expressions Story App why not pick it up.  Its available for Apple and Android phones at the details below:

Google Play Store

Apple iTunes App Store

Finally we’d love to share the App as widely as possible so please do tell your friends and if you’d like you can download the flyer below.  Do also give us feedback on the App and use social media @freshexpressions to share your experiences.