The Greatest Event

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The World Cup. You can’t miss it.

Every four years around this time of year there’s a buzz in the air, news feeds become more full of football related content, men and women of all ages buy sticker books with relish and World Cup posters pop up in houses around the world.

Hopes are building, unless like me you support England and then you’ve learnt to just role with it and pick a good second team to cheer on throughout the tournament.

I love the atmosphere that surrounds the World Cup and the way that it brings people together in laughter, disappointment, hopes, cheers, commiserations. There’s definitely a sense of community

Whether you love it or simply endure it, from 14th June – 15th July it’s going to be quite hard to miss. Christians in Sport have recognised this too, ‘the World Cup will quite simply be hard to ignore as every little story makes big headlines.’ Which is why they have developed a free World Cup Sports Mission Resources pack so that you are able to use the great opportunity that the World Cup offers to share the good news of Jesus with your friends, sports clubs and community.

‘The Greatest Event in the world’ looks at the wonder of the World Cup and and compares it to what is an even greater story – that of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.


You may already have ideas of how you’re going to connect with your neighbourhood, local school or sport club over the World Cup or you might not have started to think about it yet. Either way, I’d encourage you to flick through our list below and see if you could do at least one of the following:

#1 – download the World Cup Sports Mission resources pack here

#2 – share this blog by Christians in Sport on your social media, over email or text a link to a friend. It thinks about how the words we use to describe the World Cup, the players, the competition, can also be used when we think about the amazing story of Jesus Christ

#3 – play the short evangelistic video above at your church, at any events you might be holding in the next month or share it on your church’s social media or website

#4 – host a multimedia World Cup Quiz in your community using the quiz you can download as part of the resources

#5 – make use of the excellent school resources, produced in partnership with Scripture Union, which can be used in assemblies or at lunch and after school clubs

Ian Lancaster, Christians in Sport’s UK Team Leader, said:

“All the indications are that the 2018 World Cup is going to be huge. We want to reach the world of sport for Christ and believe that these World Cup additions to the Sports Mission Pack can help play a big part. They are designed to help Christian sportspeople and churches, who are engaging in their local clubs and teams, share the gospel with some of the millions of sportspeople in this country.”