Would you pray for our upcoming Denomination Learning Community?

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“Would you pray for our Denominational Learning Community?”asks Tim Lea …

Next week sees an exciting development in the continuing partnership across the Fresh Expressions movement when we will be hosting the first Denominational Partners Learning Community.  Meeting in Birmingham on 28th and 29th October each of the 6 denominational partners will be sending a team who are all involved in embedding the fresh expressions values and practices across the denominations.  We will be exploring together 3 simple questions: What is? What could be? What will be?  Through principles of collaborative learning such as honest conversations, a sense of discovery, working to win, we will be sharing learning, discovering news ways of working and exploring with the Holy Spirit.

The two days will be facilitated by Suzie Wall, Andy Freeman and Tim Lea.  Trevor Hutton, Director of Forge England and Wales will be our conversation partner, offering reflections and insights.

Could you please join me in prayer for all who are involved next week?

Specifically for;

  • The 6 Denominational teams in attendance.
  • Wisdom and attention to detail for the facilitating team.
  • An openness to possibilities and hearing from God.
  • A continuing commitment to the shared journey together.
  • Some fun, laughter and great food.

Thanks in anticipation.



Tim Lea is Networks facilitator and animator for the Fresh Expressions Movement.