Launching the Fresh Expressions Story App

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As part of our work to reshape Fresh Expressions communications we’re delighted to launch the Fresh Expressions Story App which is available for Apple and Android Mobile Devices. Its Free to download and aimed at anyone who’s involved in the Fresh Expressions movement.

The Fresh Expressions Story App is all about hearing from the grassroots of our movement.  The App has two simple features:


  • Firstly, you can tell your stories.  We want to encourage everyone to share short simple posts with a photo about what’s going on where you are.  Have you just launched something new?  Tell us about it.  Just seen a great idea or just come across something inspiring?  Share it with everyone.  Got a wonderful encouragement or seen God at work?  Tell the tale.

We are a movement of stories but sometimes they are shared from the centre… we’d like that to change.  As the website and social media continues to share stories, big ideas, resources and vision, we’d like this new App to be a place of sharing our stories directly.  Imagine a bunch of practitioners getting together over dinner to share their stories and struggles.  This App aims to be an electronic version of that dinner table.  We hope this will become a wonderful resource and encourage to you all and give voice to the movement.

To share a story you simply need to register when you download the account.  Then your first two stories will be moderated (maximum of 12 hours).  After that all your posts will go directly onto the App the moment you post them.  Each story can be categorised (e.g. new monastic, young people) and so you’ll be able to search through stories most relevant to you.

We are also making developments to the App as we go along so shortly we’ll be able to offer the ability to comment on stories and then a facility to upload video as well as still photography.

Events and information

Secondly the App is a place where you can find out what’s going on.  The App gives direct access to Events going on.  You can tailor your searches to things you’re interested in and to your region too.  We’ll also occasionally use push notifications to let you know important dates and key info.  With the App you should always be ahead of the curve when it comes to what’s going on in the movement.

Download information

You can find the App by going to the iTunes App Store or Google Play and searching for Fresh Expressions – Stories.

Alternatively you can follow the links below:

Google Play Store

Apple iTunes App Store

Finally we’d love to share the App as widely as possible so please do tell your friends and if you’d like you can download the flyer below.  Do also give us feedback on the App and use social media @freshexpressions to share your experiences.