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Rural & Wild Pilgrimage learning community

Have you ever adventured into the wild and taken time to listen? Is it somewhere that helps you find headspace to notice, wonder and listen to God? Is it a place of community that enables spiritual conversations to flow easily?

Our termly online rural & wild pilgrimage gathering connects those leaders looking to gather and journey with others in the outdoors. It is a space for questions, wondering and digging into what contextual mission, evangelism and discipleship can look like in the wild outdoors. It is a place to share updates, challenges and encouragement. We are a community that seeks to connect, reflect and then act as we journey and learn together.

Hear what some of our learning community value about the space to gather and reflect:

“These webinars are really useful, providing ideas and support.”

“Thanks for the friendly, welcoming, informal hosting of this conversation. It was good to meet everyone; I’d like to join again.”

“Excellent challenging conversation fuelled by Paul’s thought-provoking reflection.”

Here is a snippet of that reflection which started last week’s gathering, creating some space to listen and wonder:

Reflection questions:

  • What roots & grounds me?
  • Who has been part of establishing my root system?
  • How does God see me? Do my own feelings show me a true picture?
  • Am I too eager to quicken towards outwards growth rather than put in the work on my roots?

Spaces are so important for us – especially when they are safe and/or brave for us to have the conversations that matter to us….It matters for us as we explore what it is God is calling us to and in what seems to be the outer reaches of church…..But it also matters for the people who are exploring faith, life, the Universe, God, spirituality.  For those people who journey with us in the outdoors.

Amy Edmonson in her wonderful book, “The Fearless organisation” comments that

“Brain science has amply demonstrated that fear inhibits learning and cooperation.”

I know I have learnt in these spaces as we have cooperated together.”

Our next gathering is 18 April, 7-8.30pm. Rural & Wild – Pilgrimage Learning Community Tickets, Thu 18 Apr 2024 at 19:00 | Eventbrite You are most welcome to join!

The space is hosted by Tim Lea (FX), Paul Rose (Carlisle diocese outdoors & education pioneer enabler), and Sarah Hulme (rural mission & ministry officer, Methodist church)

(Winter Oak. Photo credit – Paul Rose)