What is a Fresh Expression?

The term ‘fresh expression’ has now been around for a number of years now.

Some of us will have pioneered one way back in the early days, some of us may never have heard of it, some of us will have been part of one without even knowing that that is what it is. It’s still a phrase that is used in many contexts, some appropriate and some not.

What I love about Fresh Expressions is that it encompasses so many different ways of doing ‘church’ that are outside the box of what people think when they hear the word ‘church’. It’s also something that spans so many denominations and there are some beautiful examples of interdenominational partnerships through Fresh Expressions.

Last month we asked the question on our social media, ‘What is a Fresh Expression?’ and we got a variety of responses:

There is some real beauty in the way people express what ‘fresh expressions’ means to them.

In the past we have tried to define what we believe a Fresh Expression is and what identifies it. If you haven’t seen this before hopefully it will give you a basis to form your own ideas.

The heart of it is about engaging with those who don’t ‘go to church’ and we’ve seen that happen through new gatherings and forms of church starting and also through existing churches doing new things. Over the next month we’re going to be showcasing a variety of different Fresh Expressions around the UK. We hope that you’ll be inspired, challenged, provoked, refreshed as you read about what God is doing here in the UK.



Article by Jo Edwards